Practical tools and techniques to help brand managers play their part successfully in the creative process.

Marketing is both a science and an art. The former creative chief of Ogilvy London and Google ZOO (NACE) gives you the tools to sharpen up on the art side. 

“In my workshops I always create an environment in which attendees can relax, have fun and, as a result, have their best ideas.” 

Every session is bespoke, created to meet your needs and objectives.  Here’s a few examples workshops: (click to download PDF details)

︎  Better Briefing

︎   Judging Creative Ideas

︎   Coming Up with Big Ideas

︎   Getting The Most From Your Agency

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Fitness classes for your brain.                
The brain is a muscle. Our creative training courses and workshops can help you generate, judge and share idea, pumping them up from good to great.
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