Creative people hate the word “training”.

“Either you can f****** do it or you can’t, mate.”

So, we offer courses and workshops in professional development.

(And, actually, the most gifted creative people never lose their thirst for learning.)

Creative training courses & workshops at a glance

Briefing and Appraising Ideas – ISBA, Waitrose, British Airways, Tesco, Newell Brands

Better Briefing – Newell Brands, Co-op Bank

Creative Judgement – Britvic, Dairy Crest, Bacardi

Generating Innovative Ideas – Lever Bros, Grundfos, LEGO, Cannes Lions

Making Mail Work – Royal Mail, Anpost  

Creative training courses & workshops for agencies

The Business of Ideas – how to have ideas, from strategy to creative execution

The 7 Ideas – how to generate a campaign idea

Presentation Skills for Creative People – how to make sense of the idea

Selling Creative Ideas – learn to sell what your clients want to buy

How to create Branded Content – seven different ways to engage

Programmatic for Creatives – the right message to the right people at the right moment

Making the most of YouTube – both in and on the platform
Oh Sh**! I’m in charge! - What to do when you become a creative director.

Writing for Advertising

Creative training courses & workshops for clients and agencies together



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Creative training courses and workshops
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Fitness classes for your brain.                
The brain is a muscle. Our creative training courses and workshops can help you generate, judge and share idea, pumping them up from good to great.
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