Oh Sh*t, I’m in Charge!!!

Survival skills for (new) creative directors taught by one of the great survivors*.

The day is split into three distinct parts.

1. YOU

            What is creativity?

            Why is it important?

            It’s not a job, it’s a calling

            What does success look like?

2. IT

            Managing the creative process

            Managing ideas

            Giving actionable feedback


            Managing up

            Managing down

            Managing sideways

            Your friends get in the way more than your enemies

Doesn’t look much of an agenda. But don’t be deceived. It’s a full-on day in which you will be asked to think very hard about who you are, how others see you, what you want to do (as opposed to what you’re asked to do) and why you want to do it.

You will leave with tools to help you plan for your future, influence your partners and give direction to your teams.

A testimonial from a previous attendee:

"This was a refreshingly honest look at the specifics of being a CD. The world's full of management training, but this was brilliantly focussed on the reality of what that means in our nutty sector. We covered everything from sorting briefs and work, through to the specifics of needing to be unpleasant and surviving the politics of agency leadership. No holds barred and no stone left unturned. A great day.” NM

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*Patrick Collister was the Executive Creative Dooh-dah and Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather London; the Executive Creative Thingy of a European network of Direct Marketing agencies; and the Head of Creation for Google’s creative thinktank in Northern Europe, The Zoo. And survived.

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